ERP Software for Nurseries

Software for the nursery business can be difficult to find. Software companies don’t understand the workflows that occur with the transformation, grading, caliber, and not to mention the unique shipping challenges of trees.

Learn how ET Grow addresses this and makes your 110-line item invoices a breeze.

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ET Grow ERP Software

Why Nurseries love using ET Grow:

ERP Software for Nurseries

It takes years to grow some of the best nursery products – it’s important you have a solution to track the progress along the way.

Nurseries are a unique business that is untraditional when it comes to agriculture processes. A product might need to transform annually or change grade based on caliber size throughout the year.

All of this while keeping important things like traceability and lot information easily accessible is one of the reasons nurseries choose ET Grow.

ET Grow has built a solution that addresses key challenges for Nursery operations.

  • Transact bulk orders in seconds with our automated email and excel order processing.
  • Print a wide variety of Labels and UPC’s directly from ET Grow.
  • Track plant lineage over years even with inventory splits and product transformations.

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Nursery Inventory Software

ET Grow has a solution for that…

Browse our solutions to the most common challenges faced by growing Nurseries.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find an answer? Please don’t hesitate to contact us or book a demo.

What kind of printers are supported for label printing?

ET Grow supports printer that can utilize the ZPL programming language like Zebra and Toshiba Printers. If you require additional support for a different type of printer we can usually accommodate if the printer supports SVG.

Does ET Grow allow us to track plant lineage for cuttings and propagation?

Yes, when you take cuttings you are able to choose the source stock plant so in the event of disease you can quickly identify where related inventory is.

Does ET Grow produce CFIA or USDA documentation inclusive of plant origin for cross border shipments?

Yes, ET Grow automates a lot of the certification and paperwork required to ship across international borders.

How long does it take a new customer to onboard and get fully integrated?

ET Grow is built modularly based so that you can introduce parts of the solution gradually or you can make the entire transition at once. Most companies will take a few months to get fully transitioned while others will take 1-2 weeks to introduce a component.

How do I get my old data into ET Grow?

ET Grow will help assist in the extraction of data from your old system into ET Grow. This will utilize excel sheets formatted to be easily imported into ET Grow.

Do I need an accounting system?

Yes, you will still need an accounting system to perform accounting functions like payables, payroll, and tax remittances. ET Grow can fully handle all sales and AR ledgers while providing a simple Daily Account Report (DAR) for simplifying journal entries into your system. Many ET Grow customers find their accounting needs are much simpler after switching to ET Grow.

Who owns ET Grow?

ET Grow is cooperatively owned by growers and Extreme Technology Corporation. It maintains a board of directors that meets frequently to ensure the needs of ET Grow customers and shareholders are being addressed. Any grower can apply to become a shareholder with a minimum investment of 1% equity. This was done to establish continuity and transparency while allowing greater cooperation in driving market awareness.

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