Nursery Management Solutions

Managing your unique nursery operations with expertly designed ERP software.

ET Grow ERP Software

Complete workflow solutions tracking all your hard-won efforts.

ERP Software for Nurseries

Begin accurately tracking all your growing progress annually, weekly, or daily within ET Grow’s powerful & intuitive GROW Module. Start filtering simply & easily your inventory locations, stages, and ready dates from the field or desktop viewing what you need quicker than ever!

Manage all your customers and vendors products, discounts, and banner requirements from sales or purchase orders to invoicing seamlessly with advanced operational workflow tools in our BUY& SELL Module.

If you are wanting full traceability on your customers pick lists through different completion stages while creating your best organized freight loads, then add our SHIP Module making your ET Grow ERP solution complete

Your unique nursery operational needs made simple, straightforward, and timesaving. Discover…

  • Adjusting quantity, location, stage, or ready date on multiple inventory lots all at once.
  • Transacting large sales orders in seconds effortlessly with our SES order processing.
  • Fulfilling multi-line sales orders in one click with our Auto-allocating option.

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Nursery Inventory Software

“We love ET Grow!
It is a great piece of nursery software filling the need for small, medium, and regional growers to compete with the giant nurseries. It is the best solution we found for being affordable, flexible and easy to use.”

Chris Shipley, Principal, Civano Growers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can our plant lineage from cuttings and propagation be tracked in ET Grow?

Yes, when you take cuttings you are able to choose the source stock plant so in the event of disease you can quickly identify where related inventory is.

How easy is it to switch from our current system over to ET Grow?

You can have your team onboarded and trained in weeks (not months) with best practice training methods and “white glove” support that is industry leading.

Do we need a financial accounting software package?

Yes, you will still need an accounting system to perform accounting functions like payables, payroll, and tax remittances. ET Grow can fully handle all sales and AR ledgers while providing a simple Daily Account Report (DAR) for simplifying journal entries into your system. Many ET Grow customers find their accounting needs are much simpler after switching to ET Grow.

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