Why Greenhouses love using ET Grow

Because we understand greenhouse growers painstaking efforts in managing the dynamic nature of growing all their crops into a competitive, saleable product.

ET Grow ERP Software

All your Operational Resource Planning (ORP) needs in one expertly designed modular platform.


Are you experiencing duplication of effort using clipboards and spreadsheets as your system?

Is the next generation of growers wanting mobility and scalability with accessibility from the field?

ET Grow’s diligently engineered cloud-based platform seamlessly combines a rich desktop experience with cutting edge mobile-tech solutions powering your agri-business forward.

Having a scalable ORP means you can start with our foundational power plant of a crop management module…GROW…or combine the power of our BUY & SELL, SHIP, and MERCHANDISE modules in uniting your agri-business within one complete platform. ET Grow’s ORP solutions can…

  • Empower your grow team with “field to fingertip” technology providing superior business insights & outcomes in maximizing your crops potential
  • Create early adoption and faster solution success with intuitive, simple, and easy to use menus, lists, and mobile tech for your work force now
  • Maximize customer, or broker, spend through customizable Pricing Groups, Pricing Rules, and replacement products that are fully automated

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ERP Mobile Apps for Greenhouses

Your best crop growing strategies come alive with superior insights through ET Grow

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have different crop schedules for different times of the year?

Yes, ET Grow has crop management plans that have alternate plans that take priority during the start of different weeks of the year.

Can availability show me inventory that needs to be sold immediately?

Yes, ET Grow has availability based on inventory that is over its ready date or near a held over duration.

Does ET Grow allow tracking on rolling benches?

Yes, ET Grow supports a “Growing Space” which allows inventory to be linked to something moving like a rolling table that physically resides in different spaces.

How long does it take a new customer to onboard and get fully integrated?

ET Grow is built modularly based so that you can introduce parts of the solution gradually or you can make the entire transition at once. Most companies will take a few months to get fully transitioned while others can get going in 1-2 weeks if they just use a component of the solution.

How do I get my old data into ET Grow?

ET Grow can help assist in the extraction of data from your old system into ET Grow. This will utilize excel sheets formatted to be easily imported into ET Grow.

Do I need an accounting system?

Yes, you will still need an accounting system to perform accounting functions like payables, payroll, and tax remittances. ET Grow can fully handle all sales and AR ledgers while providing a simple daily account report (DAR) for simplifying journal entries into your system. Many ET Grow customers find their accounting needs are much simpler after switching to ET Grow.

Who owns ET Grow?

ET Grow is cooperatively owned with growers and the Extreme Technology Corporation. ET Grow maintains a board of directors that meets frequently to ensure the needs of ET Grow customers and shareholders are being addressed. Any grower can apply to become a shareholder with a minimum investment of 1% equity. This was done to establish continuity and transparency while allowing greater cooperation in driving market awareness.

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