Everything your agri-business needs to grow in today’s market.

ET Grow is a cloud-based ERP solution, designed specifically for agricultural markets.

  • Supports a complete seed-to-sale model or can be used independently to address specified needs (i.e. sales, merchandising, cultivation, or research & development)
  • Offers significant cost savings compared to other ERP software – in a world of remote connectivity the cloud just got even better
  • Available on Desktop, Tablet, & Mobile devices.
  • Supports RFID and advanced traceability features directly applicable to cannabis and food products.
  • Integrations with Human Resource Management (HRM) solutions as well as financial systems (eg. Quickbooks).
  • Includes typical ERP processes, such as: CRM, Sales, Inventory, Tracking, Logistics, and Purchasing.

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ET Grow Software

Research Research


Bridging the gap in retail and experimental trials

The research portion of ET Grow is a quick and easy way to access, monitor, and measure the performance of plant trials throughout the duration and learn about the trials as they are taking place.

Efficiency and cost savings are gained by allowing for increased engagement throughout the trial growing period, which can stop problems in growth before they start. With detailed tracking information and self-assessment reports, the Research function provides greater knowledge for future buying decisions, and market acceptance at all levels.

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Grow Grow


From the field to your fingertips in less than 30 seconds.

Crop management is difficult enough for growers without a cumbersome recording of information. Growers, owners, and managers alike, can all benefit from one information tracking system.

ET Grow provides a central portal for internal crop management, which helps to increase accountability and awareness within your business. Manage multiple zones and locations, and easily track all data of your crops from sowing to delivery with the easy-to-use app and web solution. This production/inventory function of ET Grow creates a more efficient and well-informed environment.

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Buy & Sell Buy & Sell

Buy & Sell

Replenish, track inventory & monitor sell-through with superior quality control from sales to ship!

ET Grow allows you to not only create sales orders with custom pricing groups for customers, but these orders will pull from your actual availability in real-time.

Order entry in ET Grow allows for line item notes, enabling superior quality control from sales to ship. Huge labor savings are gained from knowing exactly what needs to be picked along with the unique/special instructions to fulfillment teams. Accuracy enables quality control, delivering your best product to your customers.

With instant eyes on availability, ET Grow’s Buy & Sell feature allows you to quickly identify product shortages or move excess products by utilizing our integrated product availability for current and future orders.

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Ship Ship


Plan and deliver in the most cost-efficient way.

The rack inventory management portion of the ET Grow suite allows greenhouse operators to easily track the location of their racks at all their customers’ retail stores. Through our interconnected phone and web system, delivery drivers simply dial our toll-free number whenever they are dropping off or picking up racks.

Our secure software ensures that only authorized phone numbers can update rack quantities. Inventory levels are instantly updated, and the system will alert the user when racks need to be picked up at a specific store, based on preset thresholds that the greenhouse operator can set. Our system gives total visibility of all your racks to help reduce rack theft. Your racks are an expensive yet necessary investment – protect your investment with ET Grow!

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Merchandise Merchandise


Plant merchandising made simple – keep a pulse on store operations.

Collaborate with your merchandisers and your back office team to create a more organized and effective way to merchandise. Record shrink, take daily photos or videos, manage pay clock and collect customer insights through innovative surveys performed in seconds by your merchandising teams. For full management add the Pay By Scan Order Management feature.

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