Advanced Growing and Workforce Tools

Knowing what you’re growing isn’t as simple as it used to be. Everyone needs to be on the same page, at the same time. That’s hard to do with handwritten notes, clipboards, and spreadsheets.

ET GROW’s Planting Intelligence software will have you knowing what you’re growing in real time. From the field to your fingertips. Anywhere. Anytime.

Discover the power of…

  • Cloud Technology – here in the Cloud there are no start up costs, no maintenance fees, and definitely no data breaches…only the best tech stack on the planet where all your data is safe & secure.
  • Web-based + mobile tech – take a crop photo, adjust your inventory stage, or update grow space ALL from the field…our mobile tech does all those Track-Its + 17 more. In seconds. In real-time. Into your Cloud.
  • Advanced Workforce Tools – with Cloud technology comes labour planning automation that easily assigns 20 crucial crop tasks. Get ahead and stay ahead by knowing what is to be done, and what wasn’t!
  • Advanced Growing Tools – from planning to planting and selling to shipping, et GROW has all your operational resource planning needs expertly covered. Complete list views of all your inventory, combined with pricing groups, and rich filtering will have you knowing everything you need in seconds!
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ET Grow Software

Research Research


Bridging the gap in retail and experimental trials

The research portion of ET Grow is a quick and easy way to access, monitor, and measure the performance of plant trials throughout the duration and learn about the trials as they are taking place.

Efficiency and cost savings are gained by allowing for increased engagement throughout the trial growing period, which can stop problems in growth before they start. With detailed tracking information and self-assessment reports, the Research function provides greater knowledge for future buying decisions, and market acceptance at all levels.

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Grow Grow


From the field to your fingertips in seconds

Maximize your efforts and end duplication of them with ET GROW’s foundational power plant of a module… GROW. This module does everything except water your crops. For starters, by automating 20 important growing Track-Its (tasks) GROW can increase crop revenues by taking the guess work out of what was done and more importantly what wasn’t. Through better labour planning, reporting, and crop management shrink can be minimized, profits can be improved while growers do what the do best…GROW!

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Buy & Sell Buy & Sell

Buy & Sell

Replenish, track inventory & monitor sell-through with superior quality control from sales to ship!

ET Grow allows you to not only create sales orders with custom pricing groups for customers, but these orders will pull from your actual availability in real-time.

Order entry in ET Grow allows for line item notes, enabling superior quality control from sales to ship. Huge labor savings are gained from knowing exactly what needs to be picked along with the unique/special instructions to fulfillment teams. Accuracy enables quality control, delivering your best product to your customers.

With instant eyes on availability, ET Grow’s Buy & Sell feature allows you to quickly identify product shortages or move excess products by utilizing our integrated product availability for current and future orders.

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Ship Ship


Plan and deliver in the most cost-efficient way.

Ensuring your customers receive the product they are expecting is crucial. Eliminate the risk by producing accurate pick lists based on real-time inventory. Source sales orders from inventory stages and locations or allow your picking team to select based on specific order requirements.

Through adding notes per line-item ensuring what you need accomplished gets done. Included is an auto-allocate feature fulfilling orders quickly and easily, or pinpoint which crops individually.

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Merchandise Merchandise


Fulfilling your merchandising vision to the max and seeing field activity in real-time.

Who doesn’t have trust issues? You, now that Merchandise Module provides all the monitoring of where, when, and what you need to know in keeping product on the rack, payroll on budget, and markdowns in check. Razor thin margins doesn’t mean you have to live on the edge.

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