The ET Grow Origin Story

ET Grow became an operationally independent corporation on January 1, 2019 – but our origin story begins many years earlier.


Back in 2012, ET Grow was a software idea thought up by Scott Holmes, CEO of Extreme Technology Corporation.

ET Grow initially worked with major breeders like Ball and Dummen during its initial proof of concept; By primarily focusing on capturing data commonly missing during Retail Trials.

Twelve years later, ET Grow has transformed into complete seed-to-sale solution for agricultural, with an established North American customer base.

  • Idea

    2012 Opportunity Identified

    Idea and plans for ET Grow software created after realizing an industry pain-point during a client visit.

  • Mobile App

    2013 Trial Tracker Released

    Trial Tracker launches as a new product from Extreme Technology Corporation.

  • Launch

    2015 ET Grow Launched

    Extreme releases first iteration of ET Grow incorporating more tools not available in Trial Tracker.

  • Operational Independence

    2019 Operational Independence

    ET Grow becomes operationally independent outside of Extreme Technology. Though traditionally this phase is known as pre-revenue, year one is profitable.

  • Business Growth

    2020 Growth Strategy

    ET Grow software continues to evolve based on customer needs and input in collaboration with growers.

  • Software Development

    2022 Technological Advancements

    ET Grow continues to lean into the future with new technologies such as Blockchain, IoT, eCommerce, & more.

“We saw a need for technological solutions in the agricultural industry.”

Our goal has been to improve the efficiencies of these companies on an international scale, combining our knowledge with their needs. We aim to provide solutions that streamline processes and increase cost savings – ET Grow is just that solution.

Scott Holmes

Scott Holmes, Founder & CEOET Grow Inc.

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