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ET Grow is an expertly designed ERP platform for all growers.

All packages include full support, unlimited users and locations.

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*Price ranges are monthly in USD.


$750 – $1,450*

GROW module + options solving your real-time inventory & availability challenges

Onboarding Time: 2 – 4 Weeks


$1,500 – $3,250*

GROW + BUY & SELL + SHIP modules in resolving your seed-to-sale requirements

Onboarding Time: 4 – 6 Weeks


$3,400 and up*

Professional Package + options + unique workflow and integrations

Onboarding Time: 6 – 8 Weeks

ET Grow | General Features General Features

Scroll ⟶ Starter Professional
100% Cloud Based Best Tech Stack with AWS and geo-redundant servers Yes
Web Experience From your desktop plan & execute all your Strategic Initiatives Yes
Mobile App Experience ET Grow comes with its own app for each module Yes
Simple User Interfaces Designed for any user level to be easily understood Yes
Unlimited Users Create different user access for any & all Yes
Customized Filtering and Views Get the info you need quickly & easily Yes
One-click Excel Exports A quick way to  action your data Yes
Configuration Datasets Ability to create your unique naming conventions Yes
Message Hub Email Availability Lists and auto-create sales orders* Optional
Custom Fields Create special fields unique to your agribusiness Optional
API Access Allows for 3rd Party software access to ET GROW Optional
Operations Plan, Track, and Schedule Events Optional

Grow Grow

Scroll ⟶ Starter Professional Enterprise
Crop Library 70+ Fields capturing crucial crop information Yes
Inventory Management Plant, plan, treat, adjust, and track all activity by Lot Yes
Real-Time Availability Know exactly what you are growing at all times Yes
Task Management Creates a more efficient and organized workforce Yes
Activity Tracking A critical feature in knowing what was and was NOT done. Yes
Crop Management Plans Puts automation into growing your crops, and guesswork out Yes
Crop Stages Customizable and set by you Yes
Space Utilization Reporting on how much space is used or available Yes
Bulk Inventory Adjustments Perform multiple inventory adjustments in one simple step Yes
Inventory Label Printing Scan labels actioning tasks quickly, easily, and error free Optional
Traceability with RFID Support Allows for full tracing by individual unit for government reporting Optional
Certification Create PHYTO sanitary documents automatically to stay compliant (tracking movement of organic material) Optional
ET Sense Integration Track & Report on moisture, temperature, acidity, humidity, and light at the plant level Optional
Environmental Integration Link your existing Climate control system  to inventory in ET GROW you’ll know more about your gowing successe or failures Optional
METRC Compliance Compliance on cannabis state-wide regulations Optional

Buy & Sell Buy & Sell

Scroll ⟶ Starter Professional Enterprise
Supplier Management Your vendor network is secured and actionable for receiving product Yes
Product Management and Purchase Pricing Create all your vendor pricing groups in eliminating human error Yes
Receiving Clear digital records of the products you have received Yes
Purchase Requisitions Complete the cycle by creating PO’s in ET Grow for tracking and accuracy Optional
Customer Management Easily manage all your customer whether they have one or 100 locations Yes
Product Management and Sell Pricing Assign customers variable pricing structures for simpler and easier product management Yes
Sales Order and Invoicing tools Have 100% complete traceability from sales order to invoicing Yes
Real-Time Live Goods Availability A comprehensive view on Planned Ready, Held Over, Unpicked, Adjusted, Ready crop numbers Yes
Advanced Product Engine Configure any product with endless sub components and add-ons Optional
Label Printing One-click product labels from predefined label templates with Customer and Product profiles Optional
EDI Support Interact with large retailers electronically using standard Electronically Data Interchange (EDI) Optional
Wal-mart Pay-By-Scan Track estimated store level inventory for PBS accounts Optional
Home Depot Pay-By-Scan Track estimated store level inventory for PBS accounts Optional
Costco Pay-By-Scan Track estimated store level inventory for PBS accounts Optional
SES Sales Order Creation Automatically create a sales order from inbound emails Optional
SES Bulk Sales Order Creation For large customers who send in multiple email orders Optional
B2B Customer Portal Online Portal were your customers can log in and create their own orders Optional
B2C eCommerce Widget Website widget that allows ET Grow to embed an interactive product catalog on your website Optional

Ship Ship

Scroll ⟶ Starter Professional Enterprise
Standard Pick lists Provides for a broader snapshot view to guide your Picking Team Yes
Advanced Pick Lists A deeper customizable list view providing users a powerful administrative tool Yes
Order Map Know where your shipments are going Yes
Rack Tracker Track and recover your rack inventory Yes
Auto-Allocation of Inventory In a single click a multi-line item sales order can be fulfilled on a “first in-first out” allocation Optional
Shipment/Freight Load management Create shipments that are the most economical in maximizing your load,  lowering costs Optional
Customs Integration Creates customs related paperwork and data which can be sent electronically to a Broker or Boarder Agency Optional
Label Printing Shipping labels are easily printed maximizing work flow while saving time Optional
Packaging/Rack Optimization Configure racks within our automation tool to maximize racks while saving time & space Optional
GPS Fleet Tracking Know in real time where your trucks are with this feature: location and trip information Optional

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