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Recommended for businesses under 2M in annual revenue.



Recommended for businesses between 2 to 5M in annual revenue.



Recommended for businesses 5M+ in annual revenue or with high volume transactions.

All prices in USD and contracted for 12 months. Annual payments come with the first month free.

ET Grow | General Features General Features

What’s Included

Scroll ⟶ Starter Professional Enterprise
Platform Users Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Cloud Storage 10Gb 100GB 250GB
Business Intelligence Charts No Yes Yes
Support Standard Priority Premium
Custom Integration Capability No No Available
Reporting Standard Advanced Advanced
EDI Capability No No Available
API Acess No No Available
Custom Track-It Development No Available Available
Custom Report Capability No Available Available

Research Research

Plant Trial Tracking

Scroll ⟶ Starter Professional Enterprise
Trial Management Yes Yes Yes
Mobile & Web Tracking Yes Yes Yes
Retail Evaluation Reports Yes Yes Yes
Multiple Locations No Yes Yes

Grow Grow

Crop Planning & Management

Scroll ⟶ Starter Professional Enterprise
Crop Management Plan Yes Yes Yes
Inventory Management Yes Yes Yes
Crop Availability Yes Yes Yes
Tissue Culture & Stock Programs No Yes Yes
Task Management Yes Yes Yes
Labeling No Yes
(Zebra Hardware Only)
(Native Printer Support)
Traceability No Yes Yes
RFID Support No Yes Yes
IoT Sensors (coming soon) No Available Available
Certification No Yes Yes
Metrc Compliance No Available Yes
Spacing & Forecasting No Yes Yes

Buy & Sell Buy & Sell

Sales, Inventory & Customer Management

Scroll ⟶ Starter Professional Enterprise
Order & Invoicing Yes Yes Yes
CRM No Yes Yes
Advanced Message Hub No Yes Yes
Multi-Currency No Yes Yes
MRP No No Yes
Home Depot ‘Pay By Scan’ Support No Yes Yes
Mass Distribution Orders No No Yes
Email Order Template Processing No No Yes
Accept Credit Card Payments Available – 3% Flat Rate Available – 3% Flat Rate Available – 3% Flat Rate
eCommerce & Transactional Rates Included + 0.85% Transactional Fee Included + 0.55% Transactional Fee Included + 0.20% Transactional Fee
AR General Ledger No No Yes

Ship Ship

Shipping & Tracking

Scroll ⟶ Starter Professional Enterprise
Pick Lists Yes Yes Yes
Rack Tracking Yes Yes Yes
Order Mapping Yes Yes Yes
GPS Truck Tracking Available Available Available
Logistics Planning No No Available

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