Who Uses ET Grow?

In a Discovery Call or at one point during the Customer Solution Experience we are asked “Who uses ET Grow?”  To help you with that, we asked some our customers for their thoughts.  They came back with such amazing comments we thought we’d call them “WOW Testimonials”.  Let us know if you agree.

Meet the ET Grow Leadership Team

Scott Holmes

Scott Holmes CEO

20+ years experience, multiple tech
founder, specialty expertise in
agri-business, telecommunications,
and finance.

Terry Vermeer

Terry Vermeer, P.Eng COO

16+ years of professional technology
experience across many industries. Grew up with family-owned greenhouse business (Westbrook Group of Companies).

Joel Barnard

Joel Barnard CTO

18+ years in software development,
networking and infrastructure architecture. B. Sc. Computer Science and Economics.

Deborah Guther

Deborah Guther* Financial Controller

20+ years experience in financial
controllership roles, expertise in financial reporting, cash-flow forecasting, accounting and finance.

Erin Walsh CHRP

Erin Walsh, CHRP* HR Manager

15+ years experience in Human resources, Erin is the Manager of HR at ET Grow and responsible for recruitment, compliance and payroll.


From horticultural solutions to full agricultural ERP software.

With the needs of modern growers evolving, we are now expanding to service clients in markets such as tender fruit, vegetables, viticulture and field crops.

While many legacy solutions are struggling to meet the demands of current technology standards, ET Grow is positioned to capture new business across North America and beyond.

Made for Growers. Owned with Growers.

To continue a strong forward momentum, ET Grow has built a corporation owned in partnership by its stakeholders – the growers.

Working side-by-side with select partners has aided in developing the software roadmap, and solidified ET Grow’s position as the industry market leader for years to come.

Investment Opportunity

ERP Software for Nurseries

*Through Extreme Technology Corporation under a management services agreement with a defined term and renewal provisions upon board approval.

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