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Agribusiness is one of the most friendly and neighbourly industries we know. Being helpful just comes second nature, so when we asked our customers what they thought about ET Grow they were incredibly kind and thoughtful to respond with the following.

After an exhaustive search for the technology partner who would help take our organization forward, we are extremely happy to have found and be working with ET GROW.

The robust and evolving platform provides us with the configuration options we need to address the demands of a diverse customer base, manage a complex inventory, and work remotely across multiple boundaries.

Ultimately it is the people at ET GROW and their culture of improvement that is critical to the success of our partnership. We highly recommend prospective organizations evaluate ET GROW closely in discovering what leveraging a scalable and configurable platform for their organization might look like.”

Justin DeHaan, Marketing & Product, 4th Generation Bakker, J.C. Bakker and Sons Ltd.

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“ET Grow had exactly what we were looking for in their ‘Grow’ cloud platform. Ten years later and it is still a heck of an exciting ride! If you are looking for a crop inventory management software that covers more than you could ever imagine and a knowledgeable team that is easy and fun to work with, ET Grow is it.”

Sarita Cantu, Marketing Manager, Smith Gardens

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“ET Grow’s platform represents a perfect fit for our current and developing needs. The potential for more integration and development always excites us as we see a future with further integration and learning. You continue to be a classy and outstanding support for our group, thank you for the authentically wonderful service!!”

Marc Boria – Sales Director CosMic Plants

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“The key factor for us choosing ET Grow and continuing our 5-year relationship with them is their interest in listening to our specific requirements in growing our business. They take improving our workflow needs very seriously and their Support Team is highly proactive and responsive. We are very happy overall with our experience in recommending ET Grow as an agritech solution provider.”

Lou Sordo, CMS Inc.

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“All my experiences with ET Grow have been great over the last 3 years. What I like best is they treat you like you’re the most important customer they have. I feel very comfortable asking the staff any question as they are so friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. Plus, the software is easy to use!”

Paula Bastien, Accounts Receivable, Konkle Farm and Greenhouses Ltd.

“At our company, we prioritize staying ahead of the technology curve and we consider ET Grow’s platform helps us achieve this goal. We presented them with a unique challenge of integrating their software with a third-party solution, and they exceeded our expectations with their delivery. After many years of collaboration, we are pleased to support them in growing their customer base and If asked, we would not hesitate to say, “ET Grow is like the employee of the month every month!”

Rodney Bierhuizen, Owner, Sunrise Greenhouses

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“We love ET Grow! It is a great piece of nursery software filling the need for small, medium, and regional growers to compete with the giant nurseries. It is the best solution we found for being affordable, flexible and easy to use.”

Chris Shipley, Principal, Civano Growers

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“We heard about ET Grow from a friend at a tradeshow and it was a dream come true! Their platform is very fast and easy to use. The layout and screen views are intuitive and their response time on any questions we had during setup was excellent. ET Grow has revolutionized our ability to track sales and inventory in real time. Thanks ET Grow!”

Liz Jasperse, General Manager, Garden Solutions

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At ET Grow our, Customer Solution Engagement process is consultative in nature, transparent in purpose, and structured for the best use of your time.  A no-obligation Discovery Call is a click away.  Let us consult with you in understanding more about what you are looking for.

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