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Executive Summary

ET Grow is a market leader in agricultural software.

With a cloud-based platform, and suite of mobile solutions, we maintain a strong competitive advantage in the marketplace.

To date, ET Grow has focused primarily on horticulture. However, with the needs of modern growers evolving, we are now expanding our offering. This expansion includes servicing clients in markets such as tender fruit, vegetables, viticulture and field crops.

While many legacy solutions are struggling to meet the demands of current technology standards, ET Grow is positioned to capture new business across North America and beyond.

To continue this forward momentum, we believe the most impactful way to evolve and scale this business, is to build a corporation owned in partnership by it’s stakeholders – you, the growers.

Working side-by-side with select partners will aide in developing the software road-map, and solidify ET Grow’s position as the industry market leader for years to come.

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Value Proposition

Invest in ET Grow
  • Cloud infrastructure decreases barriers to entry and provides scalability as our clients grow their business
  • Mobile apps allow users in the field to make entries and adjustments in real time
  • Simple pricing model reduces complexity and makes budgeting easy
  • Subscription model provides decreased initial cost and ensures that ET Grow can continue to roll out new feature

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