Software for Merchandisers

Gain visibility and better communicate with the merchandise workforce.

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ET Grow ERP Software

Exceptional-looking product needs proper care to sell in the store.

Keep a pulse on your plants with Merchandise from ET Grow.

ET Grow ERP for Merchandisers

Once the product leaves your facility you lose control of care but you don’t need to lose sight.

Creating a system for merchandisers to succeed is crucial in any pay-by-scan model. ET Grow has many successful years of maximizing the PBS model. Creating a simple process to track and instruct merchandisers on regular and urgent tasks ensures proper care and attention is being provided to your products.

  • View each store’s activities so you can monitor in real-time what’s happening at the store.
  • Analytics doesn’t always help understand sales patterns, couple with merchandise data to get the full picture.
  • Easily track hours for payroll purposes.

ET Grow has a solution for that…

Browse our solutions to the most common challenges faced by growing Merchandisers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I restrict merchandisers from only being able to record activities at specific stores?

Yes you can provide a unique code to each merchandiser and only allow them to have access to specific stores. Most customers have a tablet at the store which is shared amongst the merchandisers at that store only.

Does ET Grow validate the data is being recorded at the store?

Yes ET Grow looks at the users GPS coordinates and matches that against the stores GPS boundary, in the event the user is not found to be in that area a yellow shield is displayed by that entry for quick review.

Does ET Grow calculate payroll deductions along with timecards?

No, you will require to export ET Grow payroll data and import into a payroll service to determine the correct tax deductions needed. ET Grow does support a number of different overtime calculations to ensure it’s properly calculated.

Who owns ET Grow?

ET Grow is cooperatively owned by growers and Extreme Technology Corporation. It maintains a board of directors that meets frequently to ensure the needs of ET Grow customers and shareholders are being addressed. Any grower can apply to become a shareholder with a minimum investment of 1% equity. This was done to establish continuity and transparency while allowing greater cooperation in driving market awareness.

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