Cultivation Software for Licensed Producers

Streamline your cultivation workforce with mobile tracking from ET Grow.

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ET Grow ERP Software

Why Licensed Producers love using ET Grow:

ERP software for Cannabis

Compliance should dictate your cultivation process. Your software should adapt.

ET Grow doesn’t believe that compliance should change the way great plants are grown so it makes data recording effortless and mitigates human error in every form.

  • Custom RFID tags for stock plants
  • METRC integration
  • Tissue culture lab support

Get accurate inventory and ace the compliance inspections.

ET Grow developed tracking methods for inventory that create better workflows and can be done quickly.

With integration into Zebra RFID handhelds and the use of mobile carts equipped with large-scale antennas, ET Grow can scan hundreds of plants in seconds.

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Cannabis Grower Software

ET Grow has a solution for that…

Solutions to the most common challenges faced by Licensed Producers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does ET Grow allow us to track plant lineage for cuttings and propagation?

Yes, when you take cuttings you are able to choose the source stock plant so in the event of disease you can quickly identify where related inventory is.

How long does inventory count take for 12,000 plants?

If all plants have RFID you can use our rolling cart system which is equipped with directional antennas and can typically do 3 acres in an hour or less.

Can we customize date recording fields?

Yes, some fields will be mandatory for compliance purposes however you can add or edit other fields and setup business logic that can prevent data input errors by setting minimum and maximum values for specific tracking fields.

How do I get my old data into ET Grow?

ET Grow will help assist in the extraction of data from your old system into ET Grow. This will utilize excel sheets formatted to be easily imported into ET Grow.

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