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  • Research

    Bridging the gap in greenhouse trials. Learn More »

    Research - Trial Management | ET Grow

    Trial Management

    Record life heights, images and customized data points with our easy to use mobile application. Manage location, shrink and users with our cloud-based web platform.

    Research - Evaluation Reporting | ET Grow

    Evaluation Reporting

    Evaluate each trial by creating an industry standard Retail Evaluation Report that can be shared with Breeders and Retailers to make more informed buying decisions.

    Research - Online & Offline Tracking | ET Grow

    Track and Manage Data From Anywhere

    ET Grow is helping break the physical barrier of location. We are in the cloud to allow you to access your data from anywhere in the world. No more costly servers or disastrous loss of data.

  • Grow

    From the field to your fingertips in less than 30 seconds. Learn More »

    Grow - Traceability | ET Grow


    Set your growing locations and let our software follow your plants around the greenhouse.  Know where things were planted, where they went and where they ended up with a unique Crop Identification Label.

    Grow - Crop Availability | ET Grow

    Crop Availability

    Know what crops are coming available, what crops are being planted and which plants are ready to become products week by week.  Become proactive when it comes to product shortages rather than re-active.

    Grow - Inventory Management | ET Grow

    Inventory Management

    Know how much you have planted and growing at all times.  Record shrink and sold entries to keep accurate inventory counts.

  • Buy & Sell Feature, ET Grow Greenhouse Management Software

    Buy & Sell

    Replenish, track inventory and monitor sell through. Learn More »

    Buy & Sell - Sales Orders | ET Grow

    Sales Orders 

    Create sales orders that pull from your actual availability. Set up custom pricing groups for products or use customer pricing.

    Buy & Sell - Product Availability | ET Grow

    Product Availability

    Quickly identify product shortage or move excess product by utilizing our integrated product /Crop availability for current and future orders.

    Buy & Sell - Order Process | ET Grow

    Order Process

    From the simplest to the most advanced order process, ET Grow allows you to use a standardized proven approach or customize in seconds to meet your unique business needs.

  • Ship

    Plan and deliver in the most cost efficient way. Learn More »

    Ship - Rack Management | ET Grow

    Rack Management

    Protect your investment by knowing where your racks are.  Save money sending trucks to only where racks are instead of where they should be.

    Ship - Order Mapping | ET Grow

    Order Map

    View our interactive Order Map.  See where orders were shipped and received daily or create a custom view.

    Ship - Routing | ET Grow


    ET Grow makes truck routing easy.  Using our Order Map, you will be able to quickly figure out where items need to go and how to get them there.

    Ship - Delivery Reporting | ET Grow

    Delivery Reporting

    View and create custom delivery reporting.  Shipping expenses a little higher than normal?  Find out why with this valuable information.

  • Merchandise

    Simplify your field work. Learn More »

    Merchandise - Daily Activities | ET Grow

    Daily Activities

    Get daily recorded images, video and activities of the garden centers from your merchandising staff.

    Merchandise - Time Clock IVR | ET Grow

    Time Clock IVR

    Easily record timeclock entries using the call in IVR or mobile application.  Manage thousands of merchandisers from the comfort of anywhere.

    Merchandise - Product Shrink Reporting | ET Grow

    Product Shrink Reporting

    Get real time information on shrink and solve problems while they are happening rather than at the end of the season. Shrink can be integrated into pay by scan sales and managed inventory.

Horticultural software solution that streamlines your business.

Input your generations of research and experience to schedule, plan and perform crop tasks through our simple to use Crop Management Plans.  Train new staff with a refined playbook of experience and grow crops with consistency and quality that will have your customers coming back for more.

But It's Too Difficult or Not Enough Time....?

It takes 30 seconds to record tasks and activities from your phone which can improve your bottom line by 30%, when you make decisions based on performance revealed in the ET Grow Platform. How did that new variety do? What is my actual cost by crop? What is the value of my inventory in production today? The answer is a few clicks away.

Learn More >

  • Industry Use Cases

    • Having flexibility to manage product staging and update to real-time availability is a game changer.

    Nurseries can have a very complex need for the management of inventory, carrying over products, grading and providing that availability to its customers. Learn how ET Grow can do this and more in a feature-focused Use Case for Nurseries.

    Open Use Case

    ET Grow | Nursery Software

  • Industry Use Cases

    • You’re always growing and so are we.

    Needs change across each greenhouses market, location and crop. While many greenhouses find themselves constantly evolving, their limitation to success should not fall at the hands of technology.

    Having a system flexible to meet your ever changing needs built on a platform scalable for growth enables quick revenue realizationin permanent or temporary expansions. Propagating and Finishing the complete process of Growing, see how ET Grow can get your business producing.

    Open Use Case

    ET Grow | Greenhouse Software

  • Industry Use Cases

    • Reporting capabilities of this level, that are accessible from anywhere in the world, is an invaluable asset to any breeder.
      Breeders & Research Labs

    Trialing is a very difficult process at every level. Alot of money is spent sending plant materials all over the world. Alot of time and money growing the trial for breeders. The market relieson the information provided make better buying decisions.

    Data collection is the hardest part about trialing. Trying to record information on paper in a challenging environment has become a problem with lost information. ET Grow’s trial management system allows you to record results from multiple platforms in the matter of seconds. Learn how!

    Open Use Case

    ET Grow | Breeders Software

  • Industry Use Cases

    • Visibility to your merchandising team, your product and your retail performance from one central cloud-based portal.

    Growers spend countless hours growing the perfect product to ship to retailers. Does your product get the necessary care when it arrives at the garden center? How can you find this information out when you have 50+ stores carrying your product? ET Grow’s Merchandising solution allows you to see what’s working, what needs improvement and gives you full visibility to really see what’s going on inside of the garden centers. Read more.

    Open Use Case

    ET Grow | Merchandising Software

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