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Every year companies in the horticultural industry face challenges in making sure they have staff trained and educated to make sure product at the store level looks appealing and inviting to customers. Training and problem identification are 2 components that if not recognized, immediately can lead to lost revenue and poor sell thru. The gardening season has a few short weeks to ‘make it or break it,’ therefore it is crucial to ensure all product is looking fresh, colorful and inviting. 

The key to success in merchandising along with every part of business is communication and consistency.

ET Grow created the Merchandise solution to help improve messaging, create consistency and have greater visibility for management staff without the need of being present at every location. Travelling to each garden center can be both timely and costly.


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The Merchandise solution incorporates firstly a daily task list which can create accountability for each employee at each store to ensure that the important tasks are being performed with pictures to back it up. If there is a problem, it can be identified and rectified that DAY instead of waiting weeks to see results in a negative sales report.

Just-in-time task assignments can also be applied as we understand the business can be very dependent on the weather. Office administrators can create a task that is pushed out to merchandisers for immediate completion without the need to sift through emails, text messages or other means.

Pictures can say 1,000 words and videos can say 1,000 pictures so we encourage users to use these media rich capabilities into our Merchandise App.

Managers can now can have a virtual garden center tour without leaving their desk. This will assist in perfect layouts and optimize shopping for customers. Buyers also like to know what’s going on with their locations, now you have a library of photos and documentation to provide when requested.

On-top of these features, ET Grow’s Merchandise solution also closes the gap on time tracking, customer surveys, inventory management and shrink management to create a feature rich application for horticultural companies.

Learn more about how the Merchandise solution can improve efficiency in your business.

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