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Protect Your Plants and Your Profit Margins

What is Plant Abandonment?

Plant abandonment is the act of discontinuing care for and giving up full control of your plants at any stage before it reaches the customers hands.

When does it Happen?

Plant abandonment most commonly occurs when plants are delivered to a garden center staffed with employees who lack knowledge of how to properly care for them while in their custody.

What to Expect?

If you continue to abandon your plants you may expect angry customers, large credit requests, mark down credit requests, decreased margins, loss of accounts and/or customers.

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You Are Not Alone

85% of those surveyed in Greenhouse Grower’s Top 100 Growers Survey agree they want to be more involved in the merchandising process to protect their valuable product.

What Now?

There are cost effective ways to improve the longevity of your plants and their in-store performance.

Minimal Results – You can show the staff at the store how to care of your plants and even supply them with a “To Do List” or more information.

Medium Results – You can hire and train a merchandising company and hope for improved results.

Best Results – You can purchase affordable Garden Center Plant Merchandising Software that gives you the ability to monitor all activities ensuring tasks get done consistently. Most importantly, all activities that are tracked are time stamped including pictures and comments that are accessible anytime, anywhere from your computer or mobile device. Sharing what works and what doesn’t during the season is far more advantageous than waiting until “Season Ending Recap Meetings”.

We Don’t Merchandise…

Some companies hire out their merchandising which only minimizes returns and claims. If you desire improved results recommend Garden Center Plant Merchandising Software. This will allow you and the merchandiser to see how well your plants are thriving as a result of consistent care.


So much effort, time and money is invested in your plants. Let us help you protect your plants and profits when it matters most.

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