Use Cases

Industry Use Cases: Nurseries

Background on Industry Problem

Nurseries can have a very complex need for the management of inventory, carrying over products, grading and providing availability to its customers. It is common to hear owners and growers say that they wear multiple hats at the nursery and are responsible for various departments. It doesn’t take long before the challenges pile up and we find ourselves completing one task to find another 10.

Can I get an updated availability? How long will that take? Are you able to go find Tim and have him update the stages and grades of the shrubs in Field 23 North? Where did I place my notes from yesterdays completed tasks? What are the statuses of this morning’s orders? How can there be so many things on the go when you are working so hard? The problem isn’t working hard! The problem is not working smart.

Good things happen when people work harder, amazing things happen when they work smarter. What would it mean to clear up your to do list in half the time? What would it mean to clear up space in the mind of your entire team and yours? What would it mean to focus your extra time on business relationships, making your business run leaner and ways to make more money. If any of this sounds like something you are interested in, let us show you how ET Grow has been a game changer to nurseries across the country!

The ET Grow Solution

Completing tasks while thinking of the other 10 is ineffective. Every task ends up getting done but with divided focus. Divided focus means problems. ET Grow allows you to take all that information in your head and put it into our software to be processed at the opportune time. ET Grow offers management plans that automatically generate tasks lists for the day. This allows you and your team to focus and enables everyone to do each task with pin point accuracy. ET Grow is cloud based and allows you and your entire team to communicate at anytime from anywhere. Update your inventory, stages, grades, availability and any other information instantaneously from your mobile device or computer in the field, on the road or at your desk. ET Grow allows you to correct what is not working and multiplying what is working. Please allow me to show you how nurseries are sharpening their competitive edge and making more money. ET Grow guarantees to save you time and increase your profits while making work life more enjoyable at the same time. Learn how ET Grow can do this and more in a feature-focused demonstration. No pain and lots to gain.

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