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Industry Use Cases: Breeders

Background on Industry Problem

Trialing is a very difficult process at every level. Breeders spend a lot of money sending plant materials to growers and time. Growers spend a lot of time and money growing the trial for the breeders. Retailers rely on the information provided by the grower to the breeder to make better buying decisions. Data collection is the hardest part about trialing. Trying to record information on paper in a challenging environment has become a problem with lost information.

The ET Grow Solution

ET Grows trial management system allows you to record results from multiple platforms in the matter of seconds. Built in smart reporting and fully customized reports allow you to deliver or receive accurate information without the hassle of tracking it down. All information is stored securely in the cloud so you can access it anywhere with an internet connection. Start small by creating an internal farm account or upgrade to a breeder account to manage multiple locations with different trials at each location. Create fully customized criteria based on the information YOU wish to capture. Add users to your accounts from different companies, farms and areas of the world to track valuable information.

Industry Reference

The Evolution of Plant Trials by Denise Kelly | Read Full Article » 

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