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Industry Use Cases

Browse a few of our industry use cases below to see how we've grown our software to meet your industry needs.

  • Industry Use Cases: Breeders

    Trialing is a very difficult process at every level. Alot of money is spent sending plant materials all over the world. Alot of time and money growing the trial for breeders. The market relieson the information provided make better buying decisions.
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  • Industry Use Cases: Greenhouses

    Operating a greenhouse is becoming more and more challenging every day. Needs change across each greenhouses market, location and crop. While many greenhouses find themselves constantly evolving, their limitation to success should not fall at the hands of technology.
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  • Industry Use Cases: Merchandising

    Growers spend countless hours growing the perfect product to ship to retailers. Does your product get the necessary care when it arrives at the garden center? How can you find this information out when you have 50+ stores carrying your product?
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  • Industry Use Cases: Nurseries

    Nurseries can have a very complex need for the management of inventory, carrying over products, grading and providing availability to its customers. It is common to hear owners and growers say that they wear multiple hats at the nursery and are responsible for various departments. It doesn’t take long before the challenges pile up and we find ourselves completing one task to find another 10.
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