Merchandise Feature, ET Grow Greenhouse Management Software

Plant Merchandising Made Simple

Keep a Pulse on Store Operations

Collaborate with your merchandisers and your back office team to create a more organized and effective way to merchandising. Record Shrink, Take Daily Photos or Videos, manage pay clock and collect customer insights through innovative surveys performed in seconds by your merchandising teams. For full management add the Pay By Scan Order Management feature. 

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Give your Merchandisers the Tools they Need to Succeed

Merchandise - Central Portal | ET Grow

Our central portal to monitor all merchandising activities

Merchandise - Record Daily Activities | ET Grow

Record daily store activities

Merchandise - Labour Punch Clock | ET Grow

Built-in labour punch clock based on GPS location

Merchandise - Record Shrink & Scan Out | ET Grow

Easily record shrink & scan out products

Merchandise - Conduct Customer Surveys | ET Grow

Conduct customer surveys

Merchandise - Store Assessments | ET Grow

Perform store assessments & take photos of retail displays

Merchandise - Store Image Galleries | ET Grow

View, edit & print store image galleries

Merchandise - Weekly Email Statuses | ET Grow

Weekly e-mail status of all stores & merchandisers

Merchandise - Print Reports | ET Grow

Print a comprehensive report of all your tracked activities to measure store performance

Merchandise - Informed Decisions | ET Grow

Make more informed business decisions on orders for stores

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