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Crop management is difficult enough for growers without the added hassle of recording information. Growers, owners and managers alike, can all benefit from one information tracking system.

ET Grow provides a central portal for internal crop management, which helps to increase accountability and awareness within your business. Manage multiple zones and locations, and easily track all data of your crops from sowing to delivery with the easy to use app and web solution. This production/inventory function of ET Grow creates a more efficient and well informed environment.

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Instantly manage, measure & track performance of your crops in real-time with ET Grow's Grow feature.

Grow - Crop Library | ET Grow

Crop Library

Grow - Inventory Management | ET Grow

Inventory Management

Grow - Planning & Labour | ET Grow

Planning & Labour

Grow - Availability | ET Grow


Grow - Data Collection | ET Grow

Data Collection

Grow - Sticking & Pot UPC Labels | ET Grow

Sticking & Pot UPC Labels

Grow - Mobile Tracking | ET Grow

Mobile Tracking

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