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Buy & Sell Feature, ET Grow Greenhouse Management Software

Replenish, track inventory & monitor sell-through


Day-to-day operations of successfully growing and maintaining your inventory can be challenging enough as it is, never mind your customers’ needs.

Sales orders can be complex with plenty of room for error. ET Grow allows you to not only create sales orders with custom pricing groups for customers, but these orders will pull from your actual availability in real-time.

Order entry in ET Grow allows for line item notes, enabling superior quality control from sales to ship. Huge labor savings are gained from knowing exactly what needs to be picked along with the unique/special instructions to fulfillment teams. Accuracy enables quality control, delivering your best product to your customers.

With instant eyes on availability, ET Grow’s Buy & Sell feature allows you to quickly identify product shortage or move excess product by utilizing our integrated product availability for current and future orders. 

From the simplest to the most advanced order process, ET Grow allows you to use the standardized proven approach or the ability to customize in seconds to meet your unique business needs.

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Inventory management & sales tracking has never been so easy.

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Product Pricing & Assortment

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Sales Orders & Workflow

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EDI Retailer Integration

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