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How Greenhouse Software Improves Your Efficiency and Profitability

Posted Nov 15th, 2017

How Greenhouse Software Improves Your Efficiency and Profitability

Whether it is advanced technology or equipment, soil mixture or planting techniques, enhanced lighting or greenhouse structures or Greenhouse Software, the greenhouse industry continues to create impressive new ways to improve efficiency and profitability. 

We believe Greenhouse Software should be #1 on the Priority List

Greenhouse Software is a tool that logs, tracks, manages and reports the efficiency and profitability of your business. It enables you to see what techniques and practices work best for you and what improvements made the largest impact. Greenhouse Software allows you to capture the information you need to make the right decisions that will maximize your efficiency and profitability.

A Hundred and One Questions?

Where are our spray records? Why did we short ship valued customer “ABC”? What pest is destroying our plants? How much water and fertilizer did we apply? Where are we at with Plant “XYZ”? Is this ready? How many of that do we have available? Where did 50 racks disappear? Why are we getting so many credit requests? What Crop Care Plan worked best last year?

Operation Clear Your Mind - Get Your Sanity Back!

Questions and hectic situations aren’t going anywhere. Answer 10 questions and 10 more come up. Deal with 10 situations and 10 more arise. How can we possibly remember and deal with everything? Easy! Purchase Greenhouse Software that gets all this information out of your head and into a cloud based system that will collect, manage, report all the necessary data and react accordingly.

What Can ET Grow’s Greenhouse Software Do For You?

ET Grow’s Software is modular. It meets you where you are and offers you what you need. ET Grow can:

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