How Can I Manage Greenhouse Rack Inventory?

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Rack TrackerWhere did all my Racks go? Do you find yourself constantly battling to find empty racks during the busiest time of the year? You are not alone. Racks on average have a 10% loss rate each year which makes it very difficult to have adequate stock when you need them most. Most greenhouse growers need to purchase more each year and if you have a growing business, you have just made this an even harder task to manage.

But where do they go? Well in a perfect world, all racks would be filled with product at retail garden centers, but the realistic truth is that racks can get picked up by other growers, left at contract sites, but commonly they can be lost due to theft for people looking to cash in on the scrap value.

While there is no cost effective GPS tracking solution available to the market yet (we are actively working on something) the best you can do is manage your inventory to know when they are empty and pick them up from the site as soon as possible.

The ET Grow Rack Inventory Management feature offers a simple solution. Merchandisers or transport drivers can record empty, in-use or dropped off racks through a traditional phone IVR system or even faster through the ET Grow mobile app. The choice is yours. What does this do for you?

One simplified overview of where your racks are.

Know where your racks are, so you can be efficient and meet the needs of your orders without needing excessive rack inventory. The solution won’t protect you against theft, but the faster you can respond, the more manageable it will be and deter them from ending up at the scrap yard.

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