ET Grow Horticultural Software

ET Grow is a suite of web-based horticultural software solutions developed specifically for growers and breeders. They aid in improved communication, efficiencies, and centralized data collection in your greenhouse. Access ET Grow on any mobile device from anywhere to view information on your production crops, plant trials, availability, rack inventory control, ordering, and retail management.

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Track Trial Data in Seconds

For Breeders & Growers

Greenhouse trials occur with farms all over the world, the management layer of data capture can be challenging. Owners, managers and breeders can all benefit from a universal information tracking system.

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Protect your Investment.

Rack Inventory Management

Greenhouses can reduce rack theft using Rack Tracker by recording and keeping track of racks delivered and collected at each of your customers' sites.

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Record Crop Data from your Fingertips

For Nurseries & Greenhouses

Crop management is difficult enough for growers without the added hassle of recording information. Growers, owners and managers alike, can all benefit from one information tracking system.

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Give your Merchandisers the Tools they Need to Succeed.

Organize, Track, and Report.

Most merchandisers lack a centralized system to complete their retail audits. Now you can organize your onsite merchandiser staff, report both internally & externally, and provide accountability to your retailers.

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